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5 Tips For A Multigenerational Guided Vacation

An overseas adventure can bring generations of families closer while sparking great memories. CIE Tours guided vacations and private driver experiences foster the wonder of travel in all ages—tots, teens, and adults—and offer several advantages over independent travel. No driving or navigating unfamiliar roads means travelers can relax and focus on family and sights. And with all excursions included in the tour, there are no hidden expenses.

With a Family Collection and several other tours suitable for multi-generational groups, CIE Tours offers five tips to make the experience memorable:

  1. Pick a tour with hands-on activities to engage the whole family, whether cutting turf on a farm visit, baking Irish brown bread, or interacting with animals, from sheepdog demonstrations to falconry. CIE Tours’ Lochs, Luck & Lore tour is a perfect match.
  2. Fantasy is popular with all ages, whether it’s the Loch Ness legend or Game of Thrones. Young adults who cut their teeth on Harry Potter will be as thrilled as smaller kids to tour the Great Hall at Hogwarts or ride the famous Jacobite Steam Train. Try English Knights & Wizards.
  3. Use scheduled “free time” as an opportunity to break away from the group and relax as a family.
  4. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi on coaches to have school-age kids learn more about destinations that pique their interest.
  5. Meet ‘tweens and teens in the middle on social media. Suggest a project like creating an Instagram story about their trip.

If your children are under the minimum age of 8 for a CIE Tours guided coach tour, or a senior family member needs a slower pace, consider a Private Driver experience. There are no age restrictions, you can customize your tour to your family’s needs and make last-minute changes.

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